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Reality of Addressing and Sensation(संबोधन और संवेदना की वास्तविकता) By Neeraj Kumar

  संबोधन और संवेदना की वास्तविकता इन्सान संबोधन से संवेदना के कार्य को कर सकता है| संबोधन एक ऐसा कार्य होता है| जिसमे एक इन्सान कई दुसरे इंसानों को संबोधित करता है या कोई बात बताने की कोशिश करता है, जो कभी दुसरे इंसानों ने उसके बारे में सुना नहीं हो| संबोधन में कभी कभी इन्सान अपनी संवेदना भी व्यक्त कर देता है| संबोधन वैसे तो कई दुसरे कार्यो के लिए भी किया जाता है, जिसमे कोई इन्सान अपने या कई दुसरे इंसानों को कोई बात बताता है| संबोधन बहुत से कार्यो के लिए किया जाता है| समाज कल्याण के कार्यो के लिए एक ऐसे मंच का उपयोग किया गया हो या किया जाता है| जो किसी पद या प्रतिष्ठा से जुडा हो| लेकिन कभी-कभी संबोधन के लिए इन्सान को कई तरह के मंच पर उतरना पड़ता है| संबोधन भी कई तरह के विषय का होता है, जिसके लिए संबोधन जरुरी बन जाता है| संवेदना एक ऐसा कार्य होता है जिसमे कोई इन्सान किसी दुसरे इन्सान को अपनी भावना व्यक्त करता है| जिसमे अधिकतर इन्सान किसी दुसरे इन्सान के दुःख दर्द के लिए अपनी सहानुभूति संवेदना के जरिये व्यक्त करते है| संवेदना देना भी इन्सान के उस संस्कार को दर्शा देता है| जो उसने

Reality of Language( भाषा की वास्तविकता ) by Neeraj kumar

                                                   Reality of Language Reality  Language is the one in which we talk. We can use any language to communicate with each other, which we know to speak and understand well. There are many languages ​​in the world. Different countries have their own language and that language is considered the national language of that country. Which creates the identity of that country. People share their thoughts with each other in their lives through language. We also speak other languages ​​and try to learn. As Hindi language is used more in India, it is one of the major languages ​​of the world. Hindi is also the official language of India. The history of Hindi language is very old. Hindi and its dialects are spoken in various states of India. People in India and other countries also speak, read and write Hindi as they speak, read, write in the English language world. Hindi language is also considered as the contact language of India, it is a language th

Reality of happiness(ख़ुशी की वास्तविकता )by Neeraj kumar

                                                            Reality of happiness Reality happiness is very important in our life, we express happiness about our small tasks, as if we get success in some work, then we are happy. Sometimes we are happy about our work in which the process of achieving success has been there for a long time. Something happens on festivals or in our lives that we are happy about, how happy we keep our daily lives. It matters a lot Thought What is happiness, happiness is that which makes us feel that something good is going to happen or is going to happen in our life, then we start feeling happy, we like to do more in our daily life also in which we are happy So that we can be happy, happiness is an idea for our conscience, we should live happily in every moment in which we can be happy. Importance How happy we are in our life, the life of every human being is filled with different circumstances, he should understand how many moments of happiness he feels in

Reality of Religion (धर्म की वास्तविकता ) by Neeraj kumar

                                    Reality of Religion Reality Religion is very important in our life. The reality of religion teaches us that a person can walk on the path of religion, if he wants, he can become a religious guru. We have to study from birth to death while following religion. Religion can also give us mental and spiritual peace if it follows the right path of religion . The real knowledge of religion can be obtained from the culture of that person, the rites which have affected that person. There are different places in the world to walk on the path of religions, which tells us that if we want to receive God's grace, then we have to walk the path of religion. We cannot get any blessing from God without becoming religious. Thought of  Religion Ever since humans started taking the name of God in the world, religion has arisen and humans want to get God's blessings through their own religion. There are different religions in the world, the ways of those religio

Reality of yoga (योग की वास्तविकता ) by Neeraj kumar

                                  Reality of Yoga Reality Yoga is a type of exercise that moves us towards healthy as well as spirituality Yoga can be done in time in daily life only by reducing stress and progressing towards good health and Can stay away from diseases Thought Stress and diseases have spread their entire life in the competitive life in the present day, in order to reduce stress and keep healthy, people want to turn their face to medicines to reduce the stress of their daily life In the morning, one looks for an exercise that can include humans of all ages. He is yoga and is moving towards human yoga which reduces his stress and keeps the body away from diseases. Yoga has become necessary for human to get good healthy. Importance Yoga is not discovered today Yoga was recognized in Indian culture and history since ancient times and great sage sages have made yoga a part of their daily lives, which helped spirituality through yoga. And took his life. And because of

Reality of Intoxication (नशे की वास्तविकता) By Neeraj Kumar

                        Reality of Intoxication Reality Intoxication is that in which a person forgets his humanity and becomes a hero. Drug addiction forces a person to do what he should not do. A person ruins everything by getting drunk, a drunk person forgets the identity of good and bad. Drugs are of many types of substances which make the human body hollow and the person starts walking on the path of death. There are many substances in which there is intoxication and when a person starts consuming those substances, then he starts getting intoxicated, which starts to sound like sleep or hearing in the human mind. Drugs are consumed with a variety of substances, including alcohol, which is consumed in the highest quantity.   Thought When there is sadness in the life of a person and he wants to forget his sadness, then he becomes intoxicated and moving. Many times, a person feels stressed due to some reason, even then to get rid of that stress, he gets drunk and takes his step

Reality of water (पानी की वास्तविकता) By Neeraj Kumar

                                  Reality of Water Reality Can life be thought of without water? Without water, we cannot even imagine a life. Water is the most precious of life's needs. Once water is destroyed, it cannot be regenerated again. Water is the natural resource of the world on which life rests. And even if the most precious water was not there, life on earth was impossible. Thought Everyone needs water from birth to death. Human beings and animals need water several times a day and they quench their thirst by drinking water, which keeps their body in balance. There is no existence of life if there is no water. To understand this, we have to see a place where people also crave for drinking water. The life of human beings and animals is not only on water, life cannot be thought of without water. No one can survive without water. Water is the most important requirement of all, everyone drinks water and quenches his thirst. Importance Ever since the development of human civ

Reality (वास्तविकता) By Neeraj Kumar

                             वास्तविकता वास्तविकता को समझने के लिए हमें ये समझना होगा की हम किस तरह की वास्तविकता की बात कर रहे है| कभी हम सोते , जागते , उठते , बैठते , किसी विषय, वस्तु या दृश्य जगह के बारे में सोचने विचारने लगते है| जब हमारे सामने किसी विषय, वस्तु या दृश्य जगह की बात होती है तो हम उसकी कल्पना अपनी सोच में बना लेते है| कई बार हम दूसरी बनाई गई कल्पनाओ को भी अपनी सोच और विचार में रखते है और बार बार उसी तरीके से सोचने की कोशिश करते है| शायद जो हम सोच रहे है, वैसा ही होगा| लेकिन हमारी वो सोच उस वास्तविकता से बिल्कुल अलग होती है| जब हम वास्तविकता में आते है तो हमारे सामने जितने भी विचार और सोच उत्पन हो रहे थे, उससे वास्तविकता बिल्कुल अलग होती है|  वास्तविकता का विचार वास्तविकता उसे कहते है जो हमारी आखो के सामने घटित हुआ हो, या किया गया हो| या किसी द्रश्य या जगह को देखा गया हो | जिस समय वास्तविकता हमारे सामने होती है , हम कोई विचार और सोच को अपने मन के अंदर उत्पन नहीं होने देते | लेकिन कई बार ऐसा भी होता है की हम जिस विषय, वस्तु जगह दृश्य के बारे में सोच रहे थे| वास

Reality of Thinking (सोच की वास्तविकता) By Neeraj Kumar

                                              सोच की वास्तविकता वास्तविकता   सोच एक ऐसी शक्ति है जो हर इन्सान के पास होती है हम कभी भी, कही भी, कुछ भी सोच सकते है| हमारी सोच ही हमारी स्मरण शक्ति को दर्शाती है| जिसको इस दुनिया में जन्म मिला है वो अपनी सोच को कितना इस्तेमाल करता है, ये उसकी सोच ही बताती है| सोच वो शक्ति है, जिसको हम दिखा नहीं सकते| सोच हमारे जीवन का आधार तय करती है, और जीवन जीने का रास्ता दिखाती है|   सोच पर विचार जब इन्सान किसी कार्य को लेकर दुविधा में फंसा हो तो सोच वो मानसिक शक्ति बनकर उत्पन होती है, जिसके सहारे वो उस दुविधा को खत्म कर सकता है| हम बड़ी से बड़ी कठिनाईयो का हल करके दुविधा से निकल सकते है| सोच ही हमें कार्यो में सफलता प्रदान करती है| सोच ही इन्सान को आगे का रास्ता दिखाती है| सोच ही है जिसके सहारे इन्सान चाँद और मंगल तक पहुच पाया है और भी आगे तक जाने की तैयारी में है| सोच का महत्व जब हम बार बार अपने कार्यो में बोधिक शक्ति को लगाते है तो हम उस कार्य को सरल बनाने के लिए सोचते है| सोच हमारी अंतरात्मा की आवाज होती है, जिसको कोई दूसरा नहीं सुन सकता और वो आवाज